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The most anticipated event for LG Kyiv Europe3D Ukraine took place in the wonderful cities Kyiv and Lviv from March, 28 until April, 4. There were 22 motivated participants from 11 countries who got a broad overview of Ukrainian politics, economy and culture during the week. They took part in lectures about economy and politics, a discussion regarding perspectives of future development of the country, visited Chernobyl museum, had a meeting with the first astronaut and hero of Ukraine Leonid Kadeniuk. Moreover, we made two visits to progressive IT companies – SoftServe and Beetroot – both Lviv and Kyiv. The participants discovered national culture on Ukrainian night and during a handmade workshop of pysanky. Also, we had an unforgettable train experience on the way to charming Lviv and back. Besides discovering Ukraine, we put all of the nations together on the international night.
Members of LG Kyiv were glad to host such amazing participants and looking forward meeting them in already familiar country Ukraine. Also, we express our sincere appreciation to those who made this event possible and unforgettable!