is the non-profit, non-political organisation for European Students
of Industrial Engineering and Management, who combine technological
understanding with management skills.
Our goal is to establish and foster relations between students across
Europe and to support them in their personal and professional development.



Local Groups in 31 countries make ESTIEM a large network



events are organised by Local Groups every year



travels are made yearly
by 2.000 students



members and a reach of 60.000 towards IEM students in Europe

How to join us

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Our history

We are highly motivated to grow and spread ESTIEM vibes.
Our Local Group is registered as a student club on the Faculty of Management and Marketing at National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and unites students of the university from IEM-related departments.

Our story has [re]started in September 2012. We’ve held lots of events and engaged a lot of interested and creative members:)

Our Mission

To provide IEM-students of NTUU “KPI” with equal opportunities for their personal and professional growth

Our Vision

Involvement of students in activities with a future perspective of academic and professional development in an international environment


What being a member of ESTIEM implies?

Being a member of ESTIEM does not require big efforts. The time you spend for ESTIEM is the time you will be abroad participating in the events; that's it. You will also have the chance to cover a position at European level if you are highly motivated. Being part of LG Kyiv does not require big efforts as well: it's all about the level of involvement you want to put in it. As a member of LG Kyiv, you will have the possibility to participate in the local events we organise and, if you want to be more involved, to give your help organising events and participate in the recruiting activities.

Who can become an active member?

If you would like to join ESTIEM LG Kyiv, you must be a student of National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". We are oriented on students who study Industrial Engineering and Management, namely:
- Faculty of Management and Marketing,
- Publishing and Printing Institute (Department - of Organization of Publishing, Printing and Books Distribution)
- Institute of energy management and energy saving

Why should I join ESTIEM?

3 reasons to join ESTIEM:
There are many ways to travel in Europe. What makes ESTIEM special is the student aspect. You will come closer to the culture of the country, and discover cities from a whole new perspective. Moreover, as we are all students, we make it as cheap as possible!

ESTIEM offers plenty of opportunities to develop yourself, including academic seminars, case study competitions, summer academies and trainings. These activities are set in an intercultural context, where you will find that different mentalities challenge your way of thinking. Last but not least, it offers a great chance to improve your English skills.

One important value in ESTIEM is to keep an open mind. This not only results in great events, it also paves the way for lasting friendship across borders, and a network of future colleagues.

What events can I participate in?

We offer several types of events with a various focus all over Europe:
- academic;
- cultural;
- personal development;
- party/leisure;
- business contacts;
- central ESTIEM events.
If you are an active member, you can take part in any ESTIEM event, if you are not you have a possibility to apply for Local Group Exchanges, TIMES, Europe 3D, Summer Academy, Summer Entrepreneurship Training.
Detailed information about the projects and upcoming events can be found on the dedicated portal page.
On the local level you also can participate in following events:
- regular coordination meetings;
- trainings;
- company visits;
- case-study competitions;
- motivational weekends;
- parties.

When I visit, username and password are required, how can I create my account?

Even if you don't have an account you can see the official events on Your account on ESTIEM portal will be created by the Local Responsible when you are considered as an active member of the Local Group.

How can I apply to an event abroad?

If you are interested in the event somewhere in Europe, you can contact the Vice-President of Activities to express your will to participate. He will give you more information about that event. Please make sure you are able to participate before applying. Once you are sure about it, the Local Responsible will create you account so you can autonomously proceed with the application, hoping to be selected.

Meet the Team

Andrii Bereznyak
Andrii Bereznyak


Tetiana Prystupa
Tetiana Prystupa

Local Responsible

Anna Shchokina
Anna Shchokina

Vice President of Finances

Anna Melnyk
Anna Melnyk

Vice President of Public Relations

Volodymyr Koreiba
Volodymyr Koreiba

Vice President of Human Resources